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TRAVIS Road Services launches European Repair Network

TILBURG, JUNE 30TH 2020 – Following the recent launch of the Truckparking network, TRAVIS now introduces another new service: Repair. Repair is the fourth addition to TRAVIS’ road services portfolio which already includes Truckwash, Tankcleaning and Truckparking.

With the launch of the repair network, carriers are now able to find, book and pay repair services for their fleets’ vehicles and trailers all over Europe. As of this moment, more than 200 repair locations in 6 European countries are already part of the network – a number that increases every day. Whether it’s minor damages or the need for large-scale repairs: there’s always a repair location nearby. Planning departments easily find, book and pay for required road services so drivers can be back on the road in no-time.  TRAVIS Road Services CEO Dennis van Veggel: “The launch of our repair network enables our customers to save considerably on unforeseen repair costs. Although most carriers have maintenance contracts for their fleets, vehicles regularly fall victim to minor damages and faults that are not covered by these contracts. Even these minor issues can lead to a lot of administrative hassle. For one, the driver is usually expected to pay for these repairs on the spot. Moreover, international carriers incur additional costs as they are required to pay the local VAT-rate outside of their country of origin. Reclaiming VAT is both a complicated and cumbersome process; so much so even, that often times companies do not even bother to recover these expenses. As a result, repairs regularly exceed the actual price by 20%.

The benefits

For carriers:

By booking repairs via the online platform, drivers are back on the road in no-time and downtime is reduced to a minimum. TRAVIS applies the reverse-charge mechanism for the invoicing of all repair services in the network; the Dutch VAT-rate is not applicable for carriers from non-Dutch EU Member States.

For repair partners:

By joining TRAVIS’ road services network, partners’ repair locations are easily found, booked and paid for by large numbers of European carriers. Partners profit from financial security as debtor risks are eliminated. All transactions are processed and covered by TRAVIS in order to guarantee partners their payment within days.

How does it work?

Find. The driver encounters a fault or damage to his vehicle and contacts his planning department. The planning department then looks for the nearest repair location on the platform.

Book. The planning department finds a repair location and makes a booking. Booking details are automatically sent to the driver. The driver heads to the repair location or a mechanic is sent to the driver. The necessary repairs are performed.

Pay. The repairs are completed and the booking is updated with the total repair costs. The transaction is completed automatically and the partner receives payment within a number of days.

Want to know more about TRAVIS? Click here. Find a repair location? Click here.

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