Every service your trucks will ever need.
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Cleaning, parking, repairs and much more. Link your DKV Card to a free TRAVIS account and experience the benefits today.


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Your DKV Card is the key to Europe’s largest truck service network


Effortlessly find and use the services your vehicles require all across Europe. From Truckwash to Truckparking and Repairs to Tankcleaning. No matter where you are – every transaction is seamless. As of now, you can even use your DKV Card to pay for services in the TRAVIS network, without signing up! All 1156 service partners accept payments by DKV Card.

Service Partners

One solution and a truckload of benefits for every type of fleet.

Although you can already use your DKV Card to pay in the network, the real benefits start once you connect your card to a TRAVIS account. No matter what type of fleet you operate, TRAVIS will completely change the way you handle your cleaning, parking and repairs. For the better.

  • Use a phone or on-board unit to make secured, cashless payments via TRAVIS*
  • Set limits and permissions for drivers and vehicles to limit unnecessary service use
  • Easy administration: no more printed receipts, just one collective (digital) DKV invoice
  • No need to reclaim VAT for selected international transactions
  • Made to measure solutions and API-connections for complete integration with large fleets

*All transactions are billed to your DKV Card


Get started today

DKV Card and TRAVIS:

just three simple steps.

Plan ahead or find as you go


Plan your services in advance or simply find one of the 1695 available services on the go. Whatever you decide: the right service is always within hand’s reach.

Set up seamless transactions


Choose a location on the map, specify your needs and get a TRAVIS transaction code via SMS, email, TRAVIS-app or on-board unit to effortlessly complete the transaction.

Finished in a few seconds


Simply show your TRAVIS transaction code to complete the transaction. The payment is billed to your DKV Card. Time to start your engines and get back on the road!

Effortlessly pay via TRAVIS!



Do you want to take your service use to the next level and experience all the benefits TRAVIS has to offer? Simply sign up for a free account, link your DKV Card as payment method and you’re good to go!


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