TRAVIS Truck parking terms and conditions

  1. These Travis Truck parking terms and conditions apply in addition to the Travis General Terms and Conditions. Insofar as these sets of terms and conditions conflict, these Travis Truck parking regulations take precedence and are subject to any locally applicable parking regulations and Travis standard parking rules. These Travis Truck parking terms and conditions are applicable to all use of the Truck parking in every location offered through the Travis Platform.
  2. Entering the reserved Truck Parking by the user occurs entirely at user’s own risk and only upon display of a valid TRAVIS reservation number. Users only have access to the terrain and the facilities which have been made available by the Service Provider, hereinafter referred to as ‘Provider’, for TRAVIS Truck Parking users and their vehicle(s). Travis and/or Provider are entitled to refuse any truck or person to the Truck parking.
  3. Unless users pay with a fuel card, users (drivers) at the Truck Parking need to be in possession of a valid TRAVIS reservation number (TRAVIS-code) and a valid proof of identification, which needs to be displayed to the provider upon request. Parking spaces booked by the user via TRAVIS can be cancelled free of charge up to 2 hours before the indicated arrival time. After this time it is no longer possible to cancel free of charge and the booked parking space will be charged in full.
  4. Parking on the Truck Parking occurs entirely at own risk. The Parking provider and TRAVIS are not liable for the occurrence of any damage on the Truck Parking resulting from any accident, loss, theft, fire or other cause.
  5. The user should always comply with instructions provided by or on behalf of the Provider. These instructions may be provided by means of signs, indications or symbols by the Provider and/or their representative (including security). If the user does not comply with the instructions, then the Provider is entitled to move/remove your vehicle. Provider is entitled to recover the costs of doing so from the user.
  6. User is fully liable for any damages or loss caused to Provider, if the user of the Truck Parking does not comply with these Truck parking terms and conditions. User is obligated to compensate all loss and damages to Provider, upon first demand, without prejudice to the rights that that Provider can derive from the law.
  7. If the user does not comply with the TRAVIS General terms and conditions and these Truck parking terms and conditions, then the Provider can immediately (permanently) deny the user access to the Truck Parking. No restitution of already paid parking fees through TRAVIS Road services will take place in this case.
  8. Parking rates which are displayed on the TRAVIS website are daily rates and can be changed by the Provider at any time. No rights can be derived from these. The displayed parking rates are always excluding VAT and any service fees and/or booking costs. Parking services will always be invoiced including VAT following Article 45, Directive 2006/112/EC.
  9. Where applicable, user is required to always park the entire vehicle in the parking space designated by the Provider.
  10. The same traffic rules and rules of conduct apply at the Truck Parking as they apply on the public road. The traffic signs and signals all have the same meaning.
  11. The (driving) behaviour on the Truck Parking cannot cause danger and hindrance to the user, the employees of the Provider and other users of the Truck Parking. User will need to comply with the local applicable standards of decency and politeness. User is considered to be aware of these and to comply with them.
  12. The condition and content of the vehicles, trailers and other means of transport should always comply with the locally applicable laws and regulations.
  13. When leaving a trailer unattended on the Truck parking, then user is aware that such trailer bears a high risk of theft, loss or other damages. Neither Travis nor Provider will be liable in such event. As per article 8.3 of the General Terms and Conditions, user is required to have adequate insurance against such risks. Travis recommends user to make use of GPS trackers and/or additional locks such as “Kingpin locks” at all times.
  14. In case a truck or trailer has been parked longer than the agreed or booked parking time without prior written notice and Travis or Provider are not able to reach User in a reasonable timeframe or User extends its booking within a reasonable timeframe, then Travis and Provider may treat User’s truck or trailer as if it were abandoned and do whatever is reasonably necessary to remove such truck or trailer from the Truck parking fully at user’s cost. Travis and or Provider may recover any costs related to removal of the truck or trailer by exercising a right of lien and pledge on the truck, trailer and anything therein, to the full extent permitted by law, which rights are hereby granted by user to Travis and Provider.
  15. No vehicles can be operated on the Truck Parking without valid driving license. The vehicle registration certificates and driving licenses need to be displayed upon request of the Provider or its representatives.
  16. The Truck Parking is not accessible for Trucks carrying hazardous substances (ADR) or goods, unless the Truck Parking has expressly designated parking availability for this purpose.
  17. Provider and/or its employees are entitled to temporarily deviate from the articles set out in these Truck parking terms and conditions if the circumstances call for such deviation.
  18. In all events which these standard TRAVIS Truck Parking terms and conditions do not provide for, the decisions of Travis or Provider or its employees are at their sole discretion and always binding.