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Truckwash A61: “More and more foreign carriers know where to find us!”

“In the past, we processed all transactions manually with a ‘Ratsche’. With TRAVIS, this process has become fully automated, making payment a lot smoother and less prone to errors. And not unimportantly: the payment within 15 days is also very pleasant. In addition, we notice that the number of visits from new customers is increasing, because we can now accept multiple fuel cards. Naturally, this generates more revenue. We also see that transporters increasingly know where to find us via the TRAVIS booking tool. We certainly weren’t unknown to foreign drivers before, but having an even larger and more diverse clientele in Europe is fantastic!”


“As a truckwash entrepreneur, it is important to be aware of your position in relation to the environment and climate. Water is a precious commodity. But we need a lot of it to do our job properly. Fortunately, we can recycle 90% of the water used through smart techniques. TRAVIS also indirectly contributes to a cleaner environment. It gives transporters the opportunity to organise trips more efficiently by booking a wash on the route. This way, you avoid driving unnecessary distances and prevent trucks from being accidentally washed twice. Herewith, we try to contribute to our environment in a positive way, which is a major additional benefit!”

Truckwash A61

About Truckwash A61

Truckwash A61 is located right by the Koblenz junction, the Koblenz-Metterich exit and the A3, Bad-Honnef Linz exit. Both locations feature a four-lane truck wash and use the brush systems of Steinbrückner Reinigungstechnik. Drivers can come here with all vehicle types that are too large for a regular car wash. The truck services include: interior and exterior cleaning, hand washing for trailers, special treatments for aluminium parts and disinfection according to the HACCP standard.


AboutTRAVIS Road Services

TRAVIS Road Services provides carriers with a European extensive road services network. By using the TRAVIS booking platform, carriers and hauliers can find, book and pay for services such as truck wash, tank cleaning, truck parking and repair. Every day the network is further expanding with qualified service partners such as Truckwash A61 and the number of registered vehicles is increasing. Do you also want to join as a service partner in the TRAVIS road services network? Please contact us.


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