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ALFRED TALKE Logistic Services – A Worldclass Tankcleaning Partner

TALKE Group is one of the most renowned logistic service providers in the petrochemical industry. The company counts well over 4.300 employees and has worldwide coverage with operations in America, Europe, the Gulf States and Asia. Better yet, TALKE Group’s operations cover the full range of logistics services: from transport, storage and consulting to the construction of logistic facilities and the cleaning of tanks, silo’s and containers.

Tankcleaning by TALKE

Regular cleaning of tanks, silo’s and containers is imperative in a business as heavily subjected to rules and regulations as the petrochemical industry. It goes without saying that quality and safety are of the essence for organisations like TALKE Group. As such, the company controls and operates their own tank cleaning facilities in Hürth, Stade, Zaragoza and Dubai. As a TRAVIS partner, TALKE can now easily offer these tank cleaning services to other carriers in the (petrochemical) industry. In a sense, TRAVIS provides carriers with the key to TALKE’s facilities. ‘TRAVIS customers can easily book and pay for tank cleaning services at our locations. They’ll be sure to be back on the road in no-time.’


“We now clean 90 tanks per day on average at our facility in Hürth”


The TRAVIS-TALKE Partnership

Sabrina Pospiech, Cleaning Station Coordinator at TALKE Group is very satisfied with the TRAVIS-partnership: ‘Now that we’re connected to the TRAVIS-network, carriers from all over Europe can easily find our tank cleaning facilities. Thanks to the way TRAVIS customer can book services, there are hardly any language barriers between (foreign) drivers and our employees. Cleanings are booked in advance – often by planners – and particular requirements are specified beforehand. This way we know what the driver needs and the driver can simply complete the transaction with the code corresponding to the booking. All he needs to do is show this booking code and he can be back on his way.’

More customers, financial security and less hassle

‘Perhaps even more beneficial is the fact that non-TRAVIS customers can also easily use (and pay for) our services’, Pospiech explains. ‘We can process payments from TRAVIS-affiliated fuelcards such as the Shell, Hoyer and LogPay Cards. This has led to a considerable increase in the number of customers we serve. We now clean 90 tanks per day on average at our facility in Hürth. Moreover, even though we now process more customers per day, our administrative workload has decreased. Thanks to TRAVIS, invoicing is done automatically and payments are guaranteed to be in our account within days. All transactions are saved and summarized in a comprehensive overview in our personal dashboard. It’s a win-win situation!’

Last but certainly not least

‘TALKE covers the full spectrum of logistic services, including transport; we operate our own fleet of vehicles. As such, we understand the importance of a smooth journey for our drivers’, Pospiech points out. ‘Operating our own cleaning facilities has shown us how language barriers and administrative hassle lead to unwanted obstacles for drivers. Trying to squeeze in services in the driver’s route can therefore be quite inefficient. Thanks to TRAVIS, drivers can effortlessly use and pay for services at partner locations in the network. This makes the driver’s journey much more comfortable. Moreover, drivers can easily find service locations so they do not need to spend valuable time searching for a service station in unfamiliar territory. Ultimately, this contributes to a safer and better logistic service process.’

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