Let TRAVIS solve your truck parking issues.


Just let us know where and how many vehicles you wish to park. We’ll do the rest.

Truckparking via TRAVIS


TRAVIS is a European booking platform for truck-related roadservices such as Truckparking. It is a place where the supply and demand of roadservices meet. If you, your drivers or colleagues in the industry experience problems with truckparking, we’re here to help. Simply let us know your truck parking needs by filling out the form and we will get to work for you!


  • Book in advance and pay later
  • Never spend more than the booked value
  • Dedicated team to find your truck parking locations
  • One invoice for all your Truckparking transactions
  • Just say where.
    We'll make it happen.

  • Specify locations where you require truckparking

Want to return the favor?
Generate extra income with your own depot parking

Offer your own available square meters as truckparking via TRAVIS. You decide when and how many parking places you want to have available at any given time. Earn back your parking costs by letting other carriers park on your grounds. Register as TRAVIS partner and join the Truckparking network by offering your own depot parking. Would you like some more info first? No problem! Our sales team will be glad to help you out.

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