Announcement / 03 februari 2021

New partnership: Eurowag – TRAVIS

We’re proud to announce our latest partnership! From here on out, the Eurowag Card, issued by the Czech card provider Eurowag is accepted as payment method in the European TRAVIS network. Merely viewing Eurowag as a fuel card provider doesn’t quite do the company justice. As they put it themselves: “Eurowag is the fastest growing integrated mobility provider in Europe, focusing on finding solutions to simplify lives of commercial road transport companies”. Unsurprisingly, we are thrilled to work together with such a like-minded partner. With aligning views on the road transport industry – this partnership is bound to flourish. A warm welcome to Eurowag and all their (11.000!) customers to the TRAVIS network! We can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Meet Eurowag

Eurowag’s roots trace back over 25 years ago. In 1995 the W.A.G. group was founded as a petroleum product trader. Five years later, Eurowag payment services was launched; this Czech card provider has quite some experience to say the least. From 2005 onwards, the company’s growth really accelerated –  with yearly expansions. – Eurowag has been branching out and expanding on a yearly basis. From opening Eurowag branded truckparks to providing tax refund services and developing complete fleet management tools, Eurowag means business. To put it in numbers:

  • Network of more than 9.000 fuel stations
  • 18 Offices in Europe
  • Company size of over 1.000 employees
  • 33.000+ tax refund claims solved in 2019
  • Over 11.000 customers

To learn more about Eurowag, please visit their website. Also want to become a TRAVIS strategic partner? Click here.

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