Press releases / 18 maart 2020

TRAVIS Road Services announces partnership with German energy company and fuel card provider Hoyer

“We are excited to welcome Hoyer as our partner” says Jochem de Graaf, COO of Travis Road Services. “Hoyer is a very well-known brand in the German fuel industry and as of today HoyerCard users are able to use and rely upon our European road services network. This allows them to easily find, book and pay road services such as truck wash and tank cleaning throughout Europe.”

“The partnership with TRAVIS is an excellent extension of the services offered by our Fuel Service Card”, explains Thomas Reichert, Head of Project and Process Management and Business Development HoyerCard. “In that way, road services like truck wash or tank cleaning can be easily processed on individual vehicle-level – without any cash involvement. Thus, the logistics sector can use our card to handle another requirement in the day-to-day business. The freight forwarder saves a lot of work, because the administrational processing of receipts including payment settlement is strongly simplified through TRAVIS.”


With the partnership, Hoyer customers gain flexibility and benefit even more. Effective immediately, hundreds of associated road services can be paid by using the HoyerCard. Therefore, a suitable service location is always nearby to serve, making route planning even more efficient. In addition, the TRAVIS Road Services network offers convenience, insight and control, as all services obtained directly appear on the collective Hoyer invoice.

Truck wash, tank cleaning

With 600+ locations, the TRAVIS Road Services network offers a wide range of road services suitable for various types of vehicles such as trucks, buses and delivery vans. Besides truck wash, professional tank cleaning is also available for food, bulk and chemicals. These cleanings are carried out with care and accompanied by the required European Cleaning Document (ECD) and HACCP certificates.

About Travis Road Services

TRAVIS Road Services fulfils the need of companies looking for an extensive road services network. By using the TRAVIS booking platform, fleet owners can find, book, and pay services such as truck wash, tank cleaning, parking and repair at the right place and time. The network is expanding with qualified partners and services on a daily basis. TRAVIS provides insights and allows companies to manage their road services: maximum convenience and control assured.

About Hoyer

With 1,850 employees, Hoyer is one of the largest family owned mineral oil companies in Germany. With a fleet of more than 1,000 vehicles, Hoyer supplies customers with its products from 100 locations. The product portfolio includes heating oils, diesel fuels, liquid gas, wood pellets, natural gas, electricity, lubricants, technical equipment, tank stations and AdBlue®. The 200 own and partner tank stations – in combination with more than 800 acceptance stations – form a strong network of in total 1000 tank stations. The HoyerCard can be used at all of these stations for cashless purchase.

To learn more about Hoyer, please visit:

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