Press releases / 24 maart 2020

TRAVIS Road Services launches European Truck Parking network

Solution for parking problems

Increasing international road transport combined with the new regulations on driving and rest times are causing overcrowded parking spaces. The demand for quality truck parking along European roads far exceeds the supply and, to make matters worse, the number of cargo thefts is increasing substantially. Dennis van Veggel, CEO of TRAVIS Road Services: “In discussions with our customers and partners, looking for appropriate solutions, we noticed that many of them were open to what is called ‘Depot Parking’. This is the provision of parking spaces on private ground. We connect these car parks with the aim of creating as many safe parking spaces as possible.” Through the TRAVIS booking platform, hauliers can easily find, book and pay for truck parking. Besides Depot Parking locations, existing private and public secured car parks are also available through the TRAVIS road services network.

The advantages of truck parking via TRAVIS

  • For hauliers:
    By booking a parking space in advance, drivers no longer have to deal with unsafe parking situations on emergency lanes, or overcrowded public parking spaces. After a long drive, it is no longer necessary to look for a suitable parking space or unexpectedly worry about the compulsory driving and rest times. It is also no longer necessary to worry about the method of payment.
  • For truck parking providers:
    By connecting to the TRAVIS road services network, truck parking providers are accessible to large numbers of hauliers within Europe in one fell swoop and the available parking spaces can be booked directly via the booking platform. In addition, they are relieved of financial worries; there is no longer any debtor risk. All transactions are made through TRAVIS and guaranteed payment takes place within a few days.

How does it work?

  • Find | A haulier is looking for a safe truck parking area for their driver. Based on search criteria, TRAVIS finds an available truck parking location.
  • Book | The haulier books a parking spot at the chosen truck parking location via TRAVIS. The driver receives a TRAVIS code. This is a QR code linked to the booking.
  • Pay | The driver arrives at the truck park and the TRAVIS code grants them easy access to the car park. The driver can rest safely and the truck parking provider receives the compensation automatically within 15 working days.

What makes TRAVIS unique?

Within Europe there are various providers of truck parking services. How does TRAVIS distinguish itself? Besides the fact that TRAVIS offers multiple road services and is ideal to get a grip on these types of expenses, TRAVIS is unique in offering ‘bookable’ truck parks combined with extensive possibilities for (and simplicity of) payment. In addition to acceptance via TRAVIS, hauliers have the option to link their fuel card(s) to the TRAVIS account so that the transaction for the service is charged via the fuel card. Currently this is already possible with the Shell Card or Hoyer Card and other card providers will follow in the near future. Truck washing and tank cleaning, it is even possible to pay with physical fuel cards at one of the service locations within the TRAVIS Road Services network.

Want to know more about TRAVIS and truckparking? Leer más. Looking for a suitable truckparking location? Check our location map.

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