Press releases / 27 mei 2019

“And just like that we gained access to an extensive truckwash network!“

Gregor Hubl, assistant of the CEO and responsible for quality & controlling management within Trawöger, has been closely involved in the rollout of the online platform of TRAVIS Road Services. When asked what the decisive factor was to work with TRAVIS, Hubl replied: “We are a vital company. We like to keep up with the times and are constantly looking for better solutions. TRAVIS offers a nice digital innovation that gives us the opportunity to organise our journeys even more efficiently.”

He outlines what the situation was before: “We used to work with three to four truck wash locations, simply because we knew about their existence. After unloading the waste, the trailers are dirty and they smell bad. The inside of the trailers must therefore be thoroughly cleaned. With the help of the TRAVIS online dashboard, we now guide drivers to suitable locations within Europe that are on their route. Perfect!’’

About the TRAVIS method, he answered briefly and forcefully: “Easy: everything is digital and without receipts, cashback or cash. Invoicing takes place afterwards.”
Hubl would like to share the benefits he experiences with others: “In one fell swoop, we as a haulier are provided with an extensive truck wash network. This makes us a lot more flexible. Now there is always a location in a strategic place on the map and we coordinate the trips accordingly.”

About Trawöger Transport GmbH

Trawöger was originally founded as Franz Spielvogel GmbH in Wels with the focus on heavy and special transport to the Middle East. Until 1994, the current owner acquired all the shares step by step and renamed the company Trawöger Transport Gesellschaft mbH. In 1988, Ruper Trawöger began to build up exports to Great Britain and Ireland, which is a special strength of the company to date. With approx. 550 trailers on European roads, Trawöger transports partial and full loads from Ried im Traunkreis in Austria to England and Ireland.

Travis Road Services

TRAVIS Road Services is a provider of a digital platform with the aim of connecting transporters such as Trawöger with the right road services at the right place and time. Supply and demand of services such as truck wash, tank cleaning, parking and repair come together via TRAVIS and form a growing road service network within Europe. In the meantime, the TRAVIS network contains more than 500+ service locations with 60,000 registered vehicles throughout Europe.

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