Customer cases / 15 januari 2016

GVT Group of Logistics: “for the remaining 30%, we’re also choosing TRAVIS!”

“We have been working with TRAVIS for a number of years now”, Wil Verstijnen, CEO of GVT Group of Logistics explains. “As of now, about 70% of our fleet is cleaned at truckwash locations. We want to go all the way. Pretty soon we’ll be at 100%.” On average, GVT group’s vehicles visit a truckwash once every fourteen days. “TRAVIS’ online system enables us to take a flexible approach to the cleaning of our fleet’s vehicles. of our vehicles are branded with the corporate identity of our clients. If these clients request the vehicles to be washed once a week, we can easily adjust the washing frequency as desired; we’re in control. This is especially useful if for instance the weather changes for the worse. If our trucks get dirty much faster because of bad weather conditions, we can effortlessly increase the cleaning frequency.”

Efficient and transparent

TRAVIS’ offers an extensive truckwash network, combined with online monitoring tools. This enables us to plan truckwashes as efficiently as possible. “We can plan a truckwash during a driver’s downtime. That way the driver does not have to have his truck cleaned at the end of a long working day. It saves the driver a lot of time and us a lot of money!” The additional insights that TRAVIS provides are also beneficial to GVT, Wil Verstijnen explains: “We can see if all our vehicles are washed according to the planned frequency. These insights are used to report to our customers that we live up to the requested standards: there’s much more transparency. Moreover, all transactions made within the TRAVIS network are automatically combined on one collective invoice. We no longer have to deal with stacks of different receipts handed in by our drivers.”

GVT Group of Logistics

Gebroeders Versteijnen Transport was founded in 1957 by J.A.G. and W.G.M Versteijnen. Over the course of these decades, the company has been through a lot of changes and developments. Especially in the eighties and nineties, the company greatly professionalized it’s business. GVT has since built up a very strong position in the market as trimodal logistics chain director. Not only does GVT have a large and modern fleet of trucks, the company also owns inland terminals for ships, a train terminal and 150.000 square meters of storage facilities. GVT operates all over Europe, with a strong focus on multimodal distribution in the Benelux area.

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