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Four reasons to wash your truck regularly during the winter!

Truckwash Winter


1. Brine – metal and paint’s greatest enemy

As soon as the first gritters are send onto the road, it’s time to watch out. The salt has a disastrous impact on metal and paint. Metal rusts much faster due to exposure to salt and eats through the paint layer, especially if the paint is already damaged. Even though every modern bodywork can take a beating these days, this does not mean that dirt or salt no longer have any detrimental effects.


2. Prevent broken parts as a result of salt

Not just the bodywork, but everything under the bonnet deserves attention during the frost as well. Brake and suspension parts are sensitive to the effects of salt. Therefore, regularly have your vehicles cleared of brine at the nearest truck wash. Contrary to popular belief, you can wash all year round. Make sure that your door seals are dry again before the night frost occurs.


3. Warning lights in your dashboard that light up unnecessarily due to brine

Sensors and equipment in your vehicles can be disturbed more quickly due to the effects of salt. This can cause all kinds of warning lights in the dashboard to turn on, without anything actually being wrong. Never keep driving and take the risk that it’s not a false alarm. By regularly rinsing the salt thoroughly, you avoid unnecessary checks resulting from these warning lights.


4. Dirt leads to reduced visibility and dangerous situations

Due to the poor weather during the dark winter period, other road users will not see your dirty vehicles (in time), which can have dire consequences. With a shiny truck, you are clearly visible on the road and motorists can anticipate on time. But also consider of the reduced visibility of your drivers on the road. A dirty windscreen in combination with the low winter sun can be life-threatening, while this is easily prevented by keeping your windows clean.

So have your vehicles washed regularly during the winter months. Every truck wash adjusts its washes to the season. For instance, cold water is usually used in the winter. Why? Salt dissolves in warm water, which makes it easier for it to get into the smallest cracks and holes, resulting in damage to parts in the long term.

Are you expecting a period with slippery roads and a lot of road salt? Do not wait until the snow or sleet has disappeared before washing, but consider having your trucks washed during these days as well if the roads continue to be slippery. Need more winter tips or do you have questions? Chat with our TRAVIS truck wash experts or visit your nearest truck wash. They will be happy to provide you with expert advice.

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