Effective cost control for your road services

With an account on TRAVIS Road Services you have more insight and grip on your fleet costs for truck wash, repair, tank cleaning and parking.
In your online dashboard you can see all your vehicles, the services performed by your drivers and you set the maximums and restrictions.
You receive one transparent invoice for all the performed services. So, more insight and maximum cost control!

Lower costs

Our tools are set to provide you with maximum cost savings. With a clear insight into the (local) costs, reports and alerts.

Maximum control

In your dashboard you can set the desired frequency and you have real-time insight. Administrators receive an e-mail when a service is used. They also receive weekly reports per e-mail.

HACCP records

You have immediately a comprehensive HACCP registration. You can download the HACCP reports in Excel with one click.

698 locations

Thanks to our strongly growing network there is always a service partner along the way or nearby. Drivers no longer have to take a detour. This saves a great deal of time and fuel.

A single combined invoice

You receive one transparent, clearly specified total invoice for all the services. No separate invoices anymore, so less administration!

Several administrators

In your dashboard you can create several (vehicle) administrators. You can also link vehicles to administrators so each administrator receives alerts regarding his own fleet.

Overview of your vehicles

You have an overview of your vehicles, the history and you can set desired restrictions per vehicle.

Web App for drivers

Via our Web App drivers can easily find a location nearby. They can also see whether it is allowed to wash their vehicle and they can review the history.

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