02 augustus 2021

Holiday Restrictions & Traffic Bans: Plan Accordingly!

The summer holidays are in full swing – which means that heavy goods vehicles (7.5+ tonnes) will face truck traffic bans on a large number of European roads. Having to deviate from regular routes (or driving times) can prove challenging for drivers. Not only will destinations be harder to reach – but access to required truck services might not be as easy on unfamiliar terrain.

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Announcement / 15 april 2021

New Partnership: Plose – TRAVIS

Great to announce yet another partnership. As of today, the Plose Card, issued by Italian card provider Plose Sistem Service S.p.A., is accepted as payment method across the TRAVIS network.

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01 april 2021

New partnership: Diesel 24 – TRAVIS

Diesel 24 will officially be joining the ranks of our official strategic partners. Thanks to this partnership, the Diesel 24 Card will be accepted at TRAVIS partner locations all across Europe.

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Announcement / 02 februari 2021

New partnership: Eurowag – TRAVIS

We’re proud to announce our latest partnership! From here on out, the Eurowag Card, issued by the Czech card provider Eurowag is accepted as payment method in the European TRAVIS network.

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Customer cases / 10 november 2020

“We started booking every truckwash in advance, and haven’t looked back since.” This is the story of Kaj Madsen.

Kaj Madsen uses the TRAVIS platform exactly the way we intend it to be used. Read the story about how the Danish carriers now books every truckwash in advance via TRAVIS. Co-owner and director Jens Andersen tells the story about 'his' Kaj Madsen and what it means to work with TRAVIS.

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Press releases / 27 oktober 2020

New partnership: LogPay – TRAVIS

Proud to welcome LogPay Transport Services as our new strategic partner. LogPay, part of the Volkswagen Group, is a well-known name in Germany and representing multiple international fuel card brands.

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