/ 01 april 2021

New partnership: Diesel 24 – TRAVIS


Herzlich wilkommen! In other words: a warm welcome! Today we can announce that Austrian fuel card company Diesel 24 will officially be joining the ranks of our official strategic partners. Thanks to this partnership, the Diesel 24 Card will be accepted at TRAVIS partner locations all across Europe. As such, over 18.000 Diesel 24 customers have access to both an extensive fuel and service network. We’re more than convinced that this partnership is a great match-up. At TRAVIS we can strongly relate to the philosophy of Diesel 24: “We see ourselves as a link between customers and station network operators, as an intermediary between East and West and as a full service provider for transport companies.” Well… we couldn’t agree more!

Meet Diesel 24

Diesel 24 International, founded in 1994 and based in Klagenfurt (AT), is a medium-sized fuel card issuer. Our basic product is an ISO certified fuel card, the Diesel 24 Card. The Diesel 24 fuel card can be used for the supply of fuel – primarily for Diesel and AdBlue at all partner filling stations, enabling our customers to fill up without cash. Diesel 24 International operates eight of its own petrol station in Austria. Most of these stations are state-of-the-art unmanned locations, strategically located in Austria’s main roads. Thanks to partnerships with thousands of European fuel stations, Diesel 24’s network stretches even beyond the European borders.

To learn more about Diesel 24, please visit their website. Also want to become a TRAVIS strategic partner? Click here.

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