Customer cases / 24 februari 2020

New, modern & eco-friendly

Did you know we’ve already got 14 truckwash locations connected to our road services network in Poland? One of them is Myjnia MAX TIR, the newest and most modern truck wash in Lower Silesia.

And with its washing equipment of the latest generation, Myjnia MAX TIR is also eco-friendly. Thanks to the double amount of vertical brushes, all vehicles are cleaned faster and more accurately. And that contributes to less water and electricity consumption.

Myjnia MAX TIR has more to offer: situated close to the transit roads, MAX is the perfect pitstop to relax and recharge. Drivers can grab a bite, chill or take a refreshing shower. They even have cooking facilities for cooking your own meal! In the meanwhile, your vehicle will be taking good care of by its specialized crew.

‘MAX effective cleaning, max friendly atmosphere!’

Want to know more about MAX-TIR WASH? Check their website.  Or check our location map here.

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