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“We started booking every truckwash in advance, and haven’t looked back since.” This is the story of Kaj Madsen.

Kaj Madsen

Kaj Madsen specializes in the transport of perishable goods, with a strong focus on meats. In order to transport such goods, both Kaj Madsen’s customers as well as regulatory bodies insist that cargo holds of vehicles transporting such goods are cleaned according to the highest standards. Before loading, each trailer must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected on the inside. For Kaj Madsen, this means they have to find suitable Truckwash locations that live up to their high standards, wherever they are. By using TRAVIS, that has become a whole lot easier for them.




Jens Andersen, director and co-owner of Kaj Madsen explains how using TRAVIS has changed their approach to having their trucks washed: ‘We now book all of our truckwashes in advance. By doing so, we specify our cleaning needs beforehand and the planning department takes the mandatory cleaning into account when planning the driver’s route. Thanks to the extensive network, there’s pretty much always a suitable location to be found en route to the next destination. As such, drivers don’t have to make unnecessary detours to find a truckwash location, nor do they have to overcome language barriers trying to explain what type of cleaning they require. Which is quite important to say the least, given the strict regulations we face with the type of our cargo we carry.’

Inside Cleaning


No more administrative hassle

‘Using TRAVIS is not only advantageous for our drivers, we also reap the benefits in the office’, Andersen continues. ‘We drive all over Europe. Consequently our trucks are cleaned at many different locations; our drivers usually pay at these locations with the local currency. They then return to our headquarters with loads of different receipts, meaning we deal with a lot of administrative work such as reclaiming foreign VAT. However, with TRAVIS, all of our fleet’s transactions are automatically combined in one collective invoice and the VAT is reverse-charged.’

Inside Cleaning 2


Kaj Madsen and TRAVIS: a great relationship

‘Last but certainly not least is the pleasant relationship we have with the TRAVIS team’, Andersen mentions. ‘Although it’s an online platform, we have a lot of personal contact with our account manager. This really makes a difference for us. We take great pride in our 24-hour service although it’s quite demanding sometimes. It is for instance not uncommon for truckwash locations to be closed by the time we require a truck to be cleaned. When this happens, we can always rely on our personal accountmanager. A tailor-made solution is usually just a phonecall away.’


About Kaj Madsen

Kaj Madsen is a Danish transport company which was founded in 1984. Today, Kaj Madsen controls a fleet of well over 700 units from their headquarters in Kolding. The Scandinavian carrier’s speciality? Transporting perishables such as fruit, frozen vegetables and meats all over Europe with their state-of-the-art refrigerated trucks and Frigo trailers. With 24/7 service and truck monitoring, Kaj Madsen strive for one thing: to offer their customers service of the highest quality.


Fact & Figures

  • Fleet: 330 trucks & 400 Frigo-trailers
  • Company size: 450 employees
  • Weekly transport: >750 loads
  • Strength: 24 hour service & monitoring
  • Destinations: Scandinavia, Benelux, Germany, France, Spain, Italy


Want to learn more about the Danish carrier and their state-of-the-art fleet? Visit the Kaj Madsen website:


Kaj Madsen Preview

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