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From now on, you’ll easilly book Truckwash, Truckparking, Truckrepair and Tankcleaning in advance via TRAVIS.  TRAVIS is the fastest growing bookingplatform for truck-related roadservices in Europe with 1100+ services spread across the continent. Start booking today and pay later. 

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Find, book and pay for 1100+ Truckwash, Truckparking, Truckrepair and Tankcleaning services across Europe.

Book now. Pay later. You never pay more than the booked value and you no longer need cash to pay for services thanks to TRAVIS.

One collective invoice for all your transactions: no more hassle with various receipts or reclaiming VAT paid abroad.

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You can now book these services all across Europe.

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With TRAVIS you can effortlessly book any kind of truckwash. Whether you want have to the inside of a refrigerated trailer disinfected or are in need to an outside cleaning for a truck and trailer combination. You’ll be sure to make a good impression on your customers all across Europe. Is this your first time booking? After completing your first booking you’ll automatically have your own TRAVIS account to book truck-related roadservices all over Europe!

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The availibility of safe and reliable truckparking locations is limited in Europe. TRAVIS truckparking network is rapidly expanding. More and more European truckparking locations are available for booking on the TRAVIS platform. Can’t find the right location in our network? Let us know where you want to park and we’ll set out to find (bookable) truckparkings near the location(s) you desire. Is this your first time booking? After completing your first booking you’ll automatically have your own TRAVIS account to book truck-related roadservices all over Europe!

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From repairing truck tarp to recalibrating tachographs and from flat tire to complete breakdown service. Thanks to TRAVIS’ extensive Truckrepair network, you’ll never have find yourself stranded on the side of the road. Small maintenance? Simply have it carried out en route to your next destination. Van dekzeil reparatie tot tachograaf kalibratie en van lekke band tot complete breakdown-service. Met het uitgebreide Truckrepair netwerk van TRAVIS hoef je nooit te stranden en laat je klein onderhoud uitvoeren op weg naar je volgende bestemming. Is this your first time booking? After completing your first booking you’ll automatically have your own TRAVIS account to book truck-related roadservices all over Europe!

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Do you transport goods that require tanker trucks? Then you know that it’s essential to have the tank’s insides carefully cleaned between different jobs. TRAVIS’ tankcleaning partners clean tanker trucks with the greatest care. Needless to say, each cleaning comes with complete documentation to confirm that your truck has been cleaned up to the highest standards. Is this your first time booking? After completing your first booking you’ll automatically have your own TRAVIS account to book truck-related roadservices all over Europe!

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Frequently asked questions.
And the answers ofcourse.

  • I can’t find the answer to my question. What now?

    If you couldn’t find the answer to your question, we’re here for you! Click on the yellow chat button below and a member of the TRAVIS team will be happy to further assist you.

  • Does each service location charge the same price?

    No. Our service partners are free to set their own prices. As such, prices may differ per location and country. You can check the prices and services offered by each partner by clicking on a location marker on the map. You’ll also find additional info such as opening hours here.

    Find a roadservice
  • How does the ‘reverse-charge’ mechanism for VAT work? Is this automatically applied to my invoices?

    Applying the reverse-charge mechanism for VAT means that no VAT is charged by a supplier. The VAT is reverse-charged to the customer. This means that the TRAVIS invoice does not include VAT so TRAVIS customers will not need to pay the VAT advance. TRAVIS customers need to declare VAT for services rendered in the company’s country of origin. Many times, this VAT can be directly deducted on the tax return form. Most accounting tools already take this into account by default.

    In order for the reverse-charge mechanism for VAT to be applied, TRAVIS customers are required to have a valid VAT-number. The reverse-charge mechanism is automatically applied for all  internationally rendered services, with the exception of Truckparking. Unfortunately, European regulations prohibit the use of the reverse-charge mechanism for parking transactions and the local tariff is always applicable.

  • Can I see the expected waiting times in real-time at service location?

    Unfortunately it is not possible to accurately project waiting times.

  • If I book a service in advance, can I expect to get priority at the service location?

    No. As TRAVIS booking is a transaction, not a reservation. TRAVIS bookings

    • set you up for an effortless transaction process,
    • ensures correct data,
    • enables you to have extensive overviews and reports of all your transactions
    • eliminates language barriers at service locations.
  • Can I use TRAVIS for free?

    TRAVIS offers three account types, one of which is the free Basic account. A basis account is free to use, you only pay a small fee for each transaction. The small transaction fee already nets to a lot of additional insights and much easier access to truck-related roadservices across Europe. The Basic account can be upgraded to a Standard or Professional account. Each tier of account unlocks more options and additional management tools. Subscriptions can be cancelled monthly.

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  • We already use a dedicated number of service partners. Why would we join the TRAVIS network?

    Transport companies regularly try to find locations for the various road services they require close to their home base. Having to find service locations in unfamiliar territory can lead to unnecessary detours. Consequently, the tight schedule that drivers are usually on, can’t be maintained. By booking in advance via TRAVIS, services are easily included in drivers’ routes. Thanks to the large European network, the right service is always nearby. Moreover, all transactions in the TRAVIS network are combined in one collective invoice. The benefits in short:

    • One booking platform to find, book and pay for Truckwash, Truckparking, Truckrepair and Tankcleaning
    • No more detours and unnecessary downtime
    • No more language barriers at service locations
    • Cashless payments and just one collective invoice for all your transactions in the network
    • VAT is reverse-charged (except for Truckparking transactions)

To book or to be booked?

Do you want to offer services and receive bookings via the TRAVIS platform? Simply sign up as service partner! You can become a partner, even if you are not officially a service provider. Transport can for instance easily offer their unused square meters are Truckparking via TRAVIS. Use the button below to sign up and join the TRAVIS network. Would you rather get some more info first? Our team is here for you! Use the chat button below to speak to one of the TRAVIS-teammembers.

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