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Repair trucks & trailers anywhere in Europe at more than 330 truck garages and workshops.

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Fast & easy all-in-one solution: from finding locations to the payment process and administration.

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“We started using TRAVIS to wash all of our 700 trucks & trailers all over Europe and haven’t looked back since.”

-Kaj Madsen, Fjelstrup A/S

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Truckwash via TRAVIS: 

How it works.

1. Plan ahead or find as you go

2. Set up for a seamless transaction

3. Complete the transaction in seconds

Just a few

simple steps.

Plan ahead or find as you go

Find over 330 specialized European truck & trailer workshops and garages and include repairs in your route. In urgent need of repairs on the road? There’s always a suitable workshop nearby!

Set up for a seamless process

Choose a location, specify your needs and get a TRAVIS transaction code via SMS, email, TRAVIS app or on-board unit to effortlessly complete the transaction.

Complete the transaction in seconds

Simply show your TRAVIS transaction code to complete the transaction. Your bank account or credit card is billed at a later time. Time to get back on the road!

And a truckload

of benefits.

Collective invoice
All transactions are combined in a collective invoice which you receive on a regular basis.

Reverse-charge VAT
You no longer need to pay and reclaim VAT for transactions outside of your country of origin.

Never pay too much
Save money by setting maximum price limits for any repairs you need.

Any questions left unanswered?
Find your answers here!

  • I can’t find the answer to my question. What now?

    If you couldn’t find the answer to your question, we’re here for you! Click on the yellow chat button below and a member of the TRAVIS team will be happy to further assist you.

  • Why can I get started with TRAVIS for free? Are there any ‘hidden costs’ that will be charged after signing up?

    TRAVIS offers three account types, one of which is the free Basic account. The Basic account is free to use, you only pay a small fee for each transaction. The small transaction fee already nets you a lot of additional insights and efficiency. Better yet, the Basic account grants you acces to the entire European TRAVIS network. You can use the platform for Truckwash, Truckparking, Truckrepair and Tankcleaning in whatever way you please. Using multiple services via TRAVIS is completely free – you only pay the small transaction fee. As such, you are free to decide how you want to use TRAVIS. The Basic account can be upgraded to a Standard or Professional account. Each tier of account unlocks more options and additional management tools. Subscriptions can be cancelled monthly.

  • How do I communicate with the service location?

    You can simply specify your needs via the TRAVIS platform. Once you are at the location, all you have to do I show your payment code and the employees will know what to do. You can basically use services without saying a single word! Because of this, you can effortlessly use the services you require, regardless of where you are or what language you speak. If for whatever reason something is not right, please contact TRAVIS directly. TRAVIS will then contact the partner location to solve any issues.

  • The benefits state that I no longer have to reclaim foreign VAT if I use the TRAVIS network, how does this work?

    Applying the reverse-charge mechanism for VAT means that no VAT is charged by a supplier. The VAT is reverse-charged to the customer. This means that the TRAVIS invoice does not include VAT so TRAVIS customers will not need to pay the VAT advance. TRAVIS customers need to declare VAT for services rendered in the company’s country of origin. Many times, this VAT can be directly deducted on the tax return form. Most accounting tools already take this into account by default. In order for the reverse-charge mechanism for VAT to be applied, TRAVIS customers are required to have a valid VAT-number. The reverse-charge mechanism is automatically applied for all international transactions.

  • How does the collective invoice work?

    TRAVIS customers can use the partner locations in our network for the truck services they require. TRAVIS acts as a reseller: the partner locations sell their services to TRAVIS and you, the customer, buy them directly from TRAVIS. Say you used 10 services at 10 different partner locations in the network. The 10 partners each sell the specific services to TRAVIS. Subsequently, TRAVIS sells the service to you, the customer. Through this mechanism, you only get one TRAVIS invoice for all 10 services rendered, as opposed to 10 unique invoices per service. Not only does this net you a more orderly administration, it saves you the hassle of paying 10 different invoices. You only have to pay the one invoice TRAVIS sends you. Moreover, you no longer need to maintain relationships with various service providers. TRAVIS’ collective invoice is offers you a comprehensive all-in-one overview of all your transaction: including date, time, locations, and more.

  • I want to use TRAVIS but my preferred locations are not part of the TRAVIS network. What do I do?

    If you frequent locations that are not yet connected to the network, let us know! Our team will get in touch with the location to discuss the posibilities of joining TRAVIS.

  • What kind of repairs can TRAVIS’ Truckrepair locations provide?

    You can find pretty much any repair, big or small, for trucks or trailers in the TRAVIS repair network. The specialised truck garages and workshops offer a variety of different repair services:
    -Side curtain repair
    -Light commercial vehicle repair
    -Truck repair
    -Trailer repair
    -Cooling unit repair
    -Tire & wheel repair service
    -Hydraulic cranes
    -Tachograph calibration
    -Breakdown service

  • We already repair our trucks at dedicated workshops. Why should we start using TRAVIS?

    If your truck or trailer is in need of repairs while you’re on the road, it can be challenging to find the right workshop or garage. Whether it’s a complete breakdown or something minor like a broken wing mirror – repairs always come at a bad time. Especially when you’re abroad and/or running on a tight schedule, you want access to repairs as fast and easy as possible. Find workshops and garages via TRAVIS and specify your needs and max price in your own language – no matter where you are. You’ll be back on the road in no time! Of course TRAVIS offers many more benefits:

    -Effortlessly use other services like Truckparking, Truckrepair and Tankcleaning without any additional costs.
    -No more detours and unnecessary downtime
    -No more language barriers at service locations
    -Fast & easy cashless payments and a collective invoice for all your transactions in the network
    -Reverse-charge mechanism for VAT is applicable: no more need to reclaim VAT for international transactions
    -Comprehensive online management system with realtime transaction insights and data