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HACCP cleaning with TRAVIS

Using TRAVIS’ European Truckwash-network for HACCP cleaning of trucks and trailers inside yields considerable advantages for transport companies to ensure food safety. Fleet owners and quality managers alike can effortlessly develop and maintain a comprehensive European HACCP cleaning system via TRAVIS. Thanks to the extensive Truckwash network, carriers have access to HACCP cleanings pretty much anywhere in Europe. Better yet, each of the TRAVIS partner locations provides the same uniform European cleaning document for these cleanings: the TRAVIS Cleaning Certificate. Transport companies are guaranteed a comprehensive European HACCP cleaning and registration system by using the TRAVIS network to wash their vehicles.



The benefits of having

just one system.

The TRAVIS Cleaning Certificate creates a uniform standard for carriers to develop comprehensive HACCP registrations.

Improve service quality by providing all stakeholders in the supplychain with uniform European cleaning documents.

Clean vehicles in accordance with HACCP standards anywhere in Europe using the extensive TRAVIS network.

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP):

Regulations & principles.

Cleaning regulations

The transport of perishables and foodstuffs is subject to strict European rules and regulations. Transport companies must comply with these standards in order to ensure food safety. Cleaning vehicles according to specific procedures is imperative as a strict cleaning plan is a prerequisite to establish a satisfactory HACCP system. Without a proper cleaning plan, it is in fact impossible to develop a valid HACCP plan. All TRAVIS partners that offer HACCP cleaning procedures provide the same uniform cleaning document. The document serves as evidence that the cleaning procedure follows the strict HACCP cleaning standards. As such, the TRAVIS network not only allows carriers to clean their vehicles according to the highest standards, it also allows them to effortlessly create comprehensive HACCP registration for their fleet. This is a big leap forward compared to washing without a dedicated network. Cleaning documents – if provided at all – vary wildly across service locations and countries. Consequently, HACCP registrations may be far from uniform at best and incomplete at worst.

Seven principles

Ultimately, developing a comprehensive HACCP plan entails much more than a cleaning plan and thorough record keeping. HACCP is a systematic approach based on the following 7 principles:

  • Assess risks by conducting a hazard analysis
  • Determine the critical control points (CCP’s)
  • Establish critical limits
  • Establish monitoring procedures
  • Establish corrective actions
  • Establish verification procedures
  • Establish record-keeping and documentation procedures


Learn more about HACCP and the 7 principles.

How it works:

HACCP cleaning.

1. Pre-Cleaning

Starting off the HACCP cleaning procedure for the inside of a truck or trailer, the Truckwash crew removes any larger dirt and debris from the cargo hold. The largest chunks are removed by hand. Following this manual cleaning, the floor is throughly brushed. To finish off the pre-cleaning, all surfaces get a preliminary rinse with water.

2. Cleaning

After any excess dirt and debris is removed in the first stage of the cleaning process, a cleaning foam is applied to the entire cargo hold. After applying foam to all surfaces, the truckwash employee will wait for 5 minutes in order for the cleaning agent to optimally work. Note that some cleaning agents use a double action formula, meaning the product combines both a cleaning and a desinfection agent.

3. Rinse (Post-Cleaning)

Rinsing may also be considered as 'post-cleaning'. Once the foam as been left to work for 5 minutes, it is rinsed of using a high pressure water jet. After rinsing the trailer's interior, the employee checks if no foam remains. Any remaining foam will be removed with an additional high pressure rinsing. After thoroughly rinsing all surfaces, excess water is removed using a hygenic floor wipe.

4. Disinfection

A disinfecting foam is applied to all surfaces, unless a double action cleaning agent that combines both cleaning and disinfection was used during the cleaning stage. Similar to the cleaning foam, disinfectants should be left to work for 5 minutes in order to ensure an optimal effect. Although not mandatory, we recommend manual brushing of all surfaces once the 5 minutes have passed.

5. Hot Rinse (Post-Disinfection)

Similar to stage 3 of the process, the disinfecting foam is removed using a high pressure rinse. However, whereas normal cleaning agents may be clean using cold water, disinfectants should be removed by water with a temperature of at least 60°C. After thoroughly checking if all remaining desinfectant was removed, excess water is removed with a hygenic floor wipe.

6. Dry

As already mentioned in stages 3 & 5, excess water is removed with a hygenic floor wipe after rinsing the vehicle. In most cases, trucks and trailers are tilted before cleaning so excess water can more easily flow out. Any remaining wet surfaces will naturally air dry.

7. Cleaned!

Once the HACCP cleaning procedure is finished, trucks should look bright and clean as is seen in this picture. The TRAVIS-partner will provide the TRAVIS Cleaning Certificate once the cleaning procedure is completed. THE TRAVIS Cleaning Certificate is automatically generated and uploaded to the TRAVIS customers’ personal dashboards. This HACCP certificate provides evidence that the vehicle was cleaned according to the highest standards.


More than just a network.

TRAVIS Cleaning Certificate:
one uniform document.

Within the European TRAVIS network, there are hundreds of Truckwash locations that can provide HACCP cleanings for the insides of trailers and cargo holds. Each TRAVIS partner location provides the TRAVIS Cleaning Certificate after a HACCP cleaning procedure is completed. For TRAVIS customers, the document is automatically generated and saved in their personal dashboards. With this cleaning document, TRAVIS offers much more than just a European cleaning network. Carriers essentially gain access to a uniform European HACCP cleaning and registration system for their entire fleet. Curious to see what this uniform European Cleaning Document looks like? Go ahead and click the yellow button!


TRAVIS Cleaning Certificate


Never skip a beat
with frequency management.

Maintaining a comprehensive and up-to-date HACCP registration can be a daunting task, especially for larger fleets that frequent destinations all across Europe. As such, vehicles regularly have dedicated cleaning schedules to ensure that they are cleaned at regular intervals. If for whatever reason a vehicle slips through the cracks and deviates from this predetermined schedule, food safety may be compromised. Therefore, TRAVIS lets carriers set frequency alerts for their fleet to help guarantee cleaning of each and every vehicle in a timely fashion. When a cleaning is overdue, an automatic notification is sent to the person responsible for the fleet’s cleaning schedule. Conversely, in order to better control costs, carriers may choose to set frequency limits. Want to know more about frequency management via TRAVIS? Go ahead and request a free demo via the button below. One of the TRAVIS team members will be happy to talk you through the platform and show you how it works! 


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Why booking in advance
holds even more benefits.

Kaj Madsen specializes in the transport of perishable goods and foodstuffs, with a strong focus on meats. European legislation compels Kaj Madsen to clean their refrigerated trailers in accordance with strict HACCP standards. However, finding suitable Truckwash locations en route to various European destinations can be hard. Not to mention when you require HACCP cleaning that live up to the highest standards. By booking each truckwash in advance via TRAVIS, Kaj Madsen is no longer faced with such issues. As a matter of fact, booking each Truckwash in advance nets them a lot more than just a comprehensive HACCP registration system. Read all about it: 


Read the full story Learn more about booking



HACCP cleaning

anywhere in Europe.