What started as one man with a high pressure cleaner, has grown to an online marketplace that aligns the supply and demand of road services with each other. TRAVIS allows carriers to find, book and pay for road services such as truckwash, tankcleaning, truckparking and repairs. TRAVIS’ data-driven booking platform is something completely new in the logistics industry, which the company a true pioneer. We expect don’t just expect autonomous vehicles drive from A to B without any human interference. We expect them to find, book and pay for any services they require en route to their destination in the most efficient way possible. How? Based on real-time data. We call it data-driven road services. Our goal is to permanently have TRAVIS top-of-mind whenever someone merely thinks of logistics. We want carriers and service providers to scratch their heads and wonder how they’ve ever managed without TRAVIS.

Dennis van Veggel (TRAVIS CEO) started out in 1994 with nothing more than a high pressure cleaner and a bucket of suds. Every Saturday he went around knocking on transport companies’ doors asking if their vehicles were in need of a through on the spot cleaning. Dennis’ rationale was pretty straightforward. Since the drivers were enjoying their weekend, the vehicles were just stood there on the parking lot anyways. Cleaning the trucks during the weekend would mean one less trip to the truckwash during the week: less detours, less waiting and thus lower costs. Bullseye! Before long the business was expanding very quickly.

Hours of queuing: a thing of the past!

Since the turn of the millennium, environmental regulations became more and more prevalent, with the truckwash industry being no exception. Before long, washing trucks on the spot was no longer feasible. But as the saying goes: once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur. Dennis slowly but steadily left behind his mobile washing business and bought a truckwash location in the Dutch city of Tilburg, renowned for it’s large logistics industry. The truckwash location gave him some remarkable insights into the world of logistics and road services. Take for instance carriers, always complaining about excessive fuel costs while their drivers stopped by three times a week to have their vehicles thoroughly cleaned. Not only did drivers stop by very regularly, they also didn’t seem to shy away from hour long queues at the truckwash on Friday afternoon. It felt safe to say that carriers – both small and large – hand’t the faintest clue about their fleets’ (washing) service history. Put differently: they had no idea how much money the could save on cleaning their vehicles. Even now, years after starting out, Dennis’ original idea to more efficiently wash trucks was still very much relevant. This realisation formed the starting point for what is now TRAVIS Road Services.

More insights and less errors with TRAVIS

Following years of development, TRAVIS Road Services has now evolved to a fast-growing, innovative scale-up in the logistics industry. There are already more than 900 road service providers that offer their services to thousands of carriers from all over Europe via the platform. TRAVIS provides carriers with an opportunity for centralized purchasing of road services. This saves transport companies a lot of costs and administrative hassle. After all, thanks to TRAVIS these companies no longer have to deal with hundreds of different receipts, invoices and expense sheets. To even better align the supply and demand of road services, TRAVIS formed strategic partnership with renowned card providers such as Shell, Hoyer and LogPay. Fuel cards issued by these companies can be use to pay for the services rendered by TRAVIS partners. TRAVIS has big plans for the future; new clients and partners sign-up each day while we continue to further innovate our network and platform. Through ontinuous growth and innovation we aim to provide our customers and partners with even better insights and more opportunities to successfully drive their business.

Data driven road services

Whereas the logistics industry may seem quite traditional at times, advances are being made very quickly. TRAVIS is a data driven road service network which offers carriers and service providers opportunities to keep up with this quick digitisation. However quick the landscape may be changing, human interactions are still very much part of each link in the supply-chain (such as road services). Seeing how much the technique behind the TRAVIS platform already enables us to do, and how fast technological progress (Artificial Intelligence, anyone?) is made, we expect vehicles – not humans – to find, book and pay road services in the future.

TRAVIS careers

The TRAVIS team is tight-knit and ambitious. We can honestly say that building our network and platform is a true team effort. Every day of the week. Do you want to put your skills to good work and elevate our team to the next level?

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