Announcement / 15 april 2021

New Partnership: Plose – TRAVIS

Great to announce yet another partnership. As of today, the Plose Card, issued by Italian card provider Plose Sistem Service S.p.A., is accepted as payment method across the TRAVIS network. Plose fulfils the needs of heavy vehicle fleets by providing solutions for the payment of tolls, taxes, fuel purchases and VAT refund. By partnering with TRAVIS, Plose offers its customers an extra set of services on the road. As they put it themselves: “Our customers rely on us to deliver commitment, quality and price. By offering new services such as truckwash, tank cleaning and truck parking, booked in advance or paid on the spot by Plose Card, we aim to ensure exceeding in these expectations.”

About Plose

“Plose Sistem Service S.p.A., is the reliable partner for transport companies in overcoming challenges on European mobility infrastructures. Its customers are able to focus on the priorities of their business whilst leaving complex administrative aspects to Plose specialists and their partners, such as TRAVIS. They provide their clients of all corporate sizes and nationalities with tailored, efficient and constantly updated business services. Whatever the client operation and requirement, Plose will customise the best solution to ensure efficient fleet management, safe means payments, cost control and optimisation.”

To learn more about Plose, please visit their website. Also want to become a TRAVIS strategic partner? Click here.

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