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TRAVIS makes road service management super easy for both road service providers and fleet owners. TRAVIS helps you to drastically save time and grow your business. Our platform counts a growing European network of 500+ road service providers and 60.000+ registered vehicles.

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With TRAVIS Direct you no longer need any cards or cash. Simply send the TRAVIS Direct code via your dashboard to the drivers per text message. Upon presentation of a TRAVIS Direct code, your drivers can pay. You can even set a limit to how often each TRAVIS Direct code can be used.Do you have a Shell Card? Then you can have your transactions processed via your Shell Card fuel invoice. This will be even more convenient and reduces administration even further.


What customers say about TRAVIS

“TRAVIS offers a nice digital innovation that gives us the opportunity to organise our journeys even more efficiently. And in one fell swoop, we as a haulier are provided with an extensive truck wash network. Perfect! ”

Gregor Hubl

“The extensive network of TRAVIS in combination with the online monitoring makes it possible to select the best moment for a wash. For example, we can plan a wash when the driver has idle time. So, he does not have to wash the truck at the end of the day, what saves him time and our company money. ”

Wil Versteijnen, Managing Director

“Meanwhile with about 2500 units, hundreds of truck wash receipts and invoices were accumulating every month. Checking and processing these documents takes quite a bit of time. So we decided that we had to make this more efficient and that is why we ended up at TRAVIS. Additional advantage of this system is that we were also able to improve our quality systems. ”

Maarten Broekman, Fleet manager

“For us the main advantage of TRAVIS is the central invoicing. In one go we got rid of all local initiatives and complicated matters with receipts and annual agreements. Via TRAVIS, every car/truck wash of all our employees is centrally invoiced via the fuel card. This ensures that we have less administrative work, so lower costs.

Edwin van Vliet, Senior Buyer

“Now we have a quick, easy and real-time overview of all washes via an online dashboard. When it has been three weeks since the last wash, the local manager receives a message that it is probably time to wash the truck. But this does not happen a lot because our drivers find it important that they have a clean truck when they arrive at customers. ”

Willem Kooijman, Fleet management
TRAVIS Road Services secures investment from Shell Ventures

TRAVIS Road Services secures investment from Shell Ventures

TRAVIS Road Services has raised a venture round investment from Shell Ventures. Via its booking platform, TRAVIS provides fleet owners essential road services, such as truck washing, tank cleaning, parking and reparations. With their investment, Shell Ventures supports TRAVIS and the acceleration of their European growth.

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Our 1st Polish service partner is a fact!
“In one fell swoop we’re provided with an extensive truck wash network”

“In one fell swoop we’re provided with an extensive truck wash network”

Trawöger Transport GmbH is one of the first transport companies in Austria to have its trailers cleaned within the truck wash network of TRAVIS. They fulfill approx. 3,000 crossings per month. It is mainly waste that Trawöger transports back for the waste processing industry in Europe. Obtaining a comprehensive truck wash network for thoroughly washing and rinsing the vehicles was therefore a logical step.

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